When You’re Right You’re Right.

When you’re right you’re right.

I love being right; then again who doesn’t. Although this is more about a gut feeling and an instinct than being right. Even though I was.

It was a beautiful late spring night, so my girlfriend and I decided to go out to eat; the mandate was to dine outside. I didn’t want to go to Center City, as we’d been there two days in a row. I wanted something closer.

Manayunk’s Bourbon Blue

Our travels brought us to Manayunk. We hadn’t been since last summer. As I turned onto Main Street I saw a new outdoor cigar bar/lounge. I made a mental note to stop in on the way back home. We ended up at Bourbon Blue. After a dozen or so oysters and some paella, I had one thing on my mind, and it wasn’t healthy.

After that quick stop on the way home, I found out that the place had been there for about a year, but would only be open this evening for another hour or so. My time was limited, maybe just enough to run home for a Bolivar torpedo and my portable Bose system. When I told Jenna of my plan, she replied, “Just let them relax. They don’t want to listen to your music.” Having been a DJ in another life, I sized up the crowd immediately, knowing what they would want to hear. I guaranteed her that if I was able to play 20 songs before they closed, each one would be met with applause. Her look simply said, “Whatever.”

We sped home, I grabbed my cigar, a cutter, a bottle of sake (did I mention it was a BYOB?), my system, and we were headed back to Manayunk.  We parked next door and walked the 35 feet to the bar. I wanted to surprise the patrons so I tucked the Bose under my arm wrapped in my jacket. There were no longer any tables available, but a nice guy sitting by himself asked us to join him.

As soon I sat down, I put the portable sound system on the table and hooked the iPod to it. The gentleman that invited us to sit asked if I had any R&B. I chose the latest playlist I made that week which included “Good Man,” the stellar track from Raphael Saadiq’s new album, Stone Rollin, but first I wanted to introduce them to something I was sure they would like: K-OS and his nod to old school R&B, “The Rain.”

From the opening piano solo at 9 p.m. until the 10:30 last call, I watched as they all grooved to the beat and looked my way, acknowledging one selection after another. It was a great way to end the evening: smoking a fabulous cigar, drinking some sake, energizing a crowd of strangers that soon would become friends, and, of course, being right.

This blog post originally appeared in the Ardmore-Merion-Wynnewood Patch….